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There are 3 basic types of metal roofing in Central Illinois:

Low Rib Panels

Low Rib Panels is a traditional metal roofing system where the panels are mechanically attached with exposed fasteners. These panels are commonly used in the agricultural market and are usually offered at most big box stores. 


Low Rib Metal Roof [loh] [rib] [met-l] [roof] or Exposed Fastener [ik-spohzd] [fas-uh-ner] – commonly used on residential properties.  Low rib metal has smaller ribs and have less industrial look.  Exposed fastened panels use a screw or nail to secure the metal roofing panels to the roof deck or purlins where by the nail or screw actually penetrates an area where two panels overlap.

Standing Seam

These panels are installed using concealed fasteners. This is the most common panel for the commercial marketplace as well as residential applications. This provides a nice clean appearance when finished. 


Standing Seam Metal Roof [stand-ding] [seem] [met-l] [roof] or Concealed Fastener [Kuhn-seeled] [fas-uhner] – is long sheets of painted steel.  This system features interlocking seams that connect panels giving the roof a distinct appearance.  Concealed clip fasteners are driven through clips into the roof deck with no connection or piercing of the metal panels.  The clip and fasteners are concealed beneath the standing seam panel material.  The panel is then laid over and attached to the clips and then mechanically or hand locked to them.

Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles are rapidly becoming a very popular product across the country to achieve the most durable roof with many different styles to choose from to mimic the look of other materials—from woodshakes, to traditional shingles, to tiled roofs. 


Stone Coated Metal Roofing [stohn] [koh-tid] [met-l] [roof] – is made from steel or some other metal; the metal is then coated with stone chips.  The goal is a more durable roof that still retails the aesthetic advantages of a more traditional roofing material.

Had a new roof and gutter guards on home and garage replaced 2 months ago. Very professional service and presentation. Contract presented along with license and insurance information along with paperwork showing carried workman's comp on employees. All work done within promised time frame. Perfectionism noted on completion of job and cleanup perfect. Employees very respectful and hard workers. Would recommend them and would use them again in the future if needed. Good job, thank you!

- Marie M.


We were very pleased with the overall job of Matt and his crew the day we got our new roof. Great work guys! Zack is a very good salesman and did a good job explaining everything to us. Thanks to all of you!

- Brenda C – Barnes, IL


Great job. What a good-looking roof. Zack and his crew were fine to deal with — courteous, hardworking, attention to detail. We had a leak problem and were scheduled quickly. Zack even came a few days before and did a temporary fix because of a threat of rain. Very competitive price with a good, thorough final clean-up and an inspection with the owner before the final payment is made. Good group to do business with. Thank you!

- Jerry & Helene B.


Excellent work for far less money than other estimates.

- Staci H. – Mason City, IL