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Impact Resistant Shingles in Bloomington, IL 

Hail damage accounts for many roof damages due to hailstorms. It is during these instances when impact-resistant shingles become very important. This is because hail damage can lead to an expensive insurance claim. Across the country, hail causes more than $1.6 billion in damage per year – just in roof damage – according to the Federal Alliance of Safe Homes. Furthermore, shingles can react differently when struck by hail. For example, hail damage to asphalt and composition shingles can look very different from hail damage to wood shingles. It is important to have impact resistant shingles installed by a qualified roofer to keep your home safe. Sundown Exteriors is such a contractor, and we're glad to help.


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Timberline ArmorShield II and Grand Sequoia Impact-Resistant Shingles are provided by Sundown Exteriors, combining the beauty and the protection of UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance, which represents passing the toughest impact tests. This means that the shingles show no evidence of cracks or ruptures on the front or back immediately after impact. Their beauty is unlike any other, owing to the proprietary shadow bands of Timberline. Each shadow band is applied using a sophisticated, computer-controlled “feathering” technique. When combined with a randomly blended top layer, it results in a shingle with exceptional depth and dimension and a striking look that is unmatched by any other brand.


How Hail Damages Shingles


Researchers defined damage to roofing as a diminution of water-shedding capability or a reduction in the expected long-term life of a roofing material. Other experts more specifically defined functional hail-caused damage to asphalt shingles as punctures, tears, fractures, or bruises in the shingle mats. Shingle bruises are an indentation with fracture in the mat that feels soft like that of an apple bruise. The bruise is usually obvious as granules are also dislodged from the impact area exposing the asphaltic mat. Moreover, studies have shown that aged organic mat-based asphalt shingles were damaged half of the time by one-inch diameter ice stones, whereas it took 1.25-inch diameter ice stones to damage the aged glass-fiber mat asphalt shingles.


Although many asphalt shingle manufacturers have issued “technical bulletins” about hail and granule loss, stating that if granules are lost from the shingle due to hail, the shingle has lost life, no published scientific studies validate this claim. Thus, to identify hail damage on asphalt shingle roofs, one must look for areas where lost mineral granules are apparent, with more severe granule loss on roof slopes facing the direction from which the hailstones fell (or blew) during the storm. If the roof has been damaged, then an inspection should show that the areas of mineral granule loss have exposed "fresh" looking shingle substrate - the asphalt impregnated shingle substrate will not yet have been weathered by sun exposure.


Quality Impact-Resistant Shingles by Professionals


Comparing Sundown Exterior's Timberline ArmorShield II Impact-Resistant Shingles to typical architectural shingles can show why these shingles will look sharper and more beautiful on your roof while enhancing the resale value of your home. In addition, our Grand Sequoia IR Shingles combine the look of rugged wood shakes with the protection of an impact-resistant shingle. They are a fraction of the cost of traditional slate or wood shakes, and they also pass UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Testing. Furthermore, they feature artisan-crafted shapes combined with oversized tabs and a dimensional design, resulting in a sophisticated beauty unmatched by typical shingles. Lastly, their specially formulated color palette is designed to accentuate the shingle’s natural appeal.


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Reliable Impact-Resistant Shingles by Sundown Exteriors


Had a new roof and gutter guards on home and garage replaced 2 months ago. Very professional service and presentation. Contract presented along with license and insurance information along with paperwork showing carried workman's comp on employees. All work done within promised time frame. Perfectionism noted on completion of job and cleanup perfect. Employees very respectful and hard workers. Would recommend them and would use them again in the future if needed. Good job, thank you!

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