Roof Repair in Normal, IL

Roof Repair in Normal, IL

For more than 20 years, Sundown Exteriors has been installing & repairing roofs throughout Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois. By treating each customer with honesty and respect, standing behind our products & service, and committing our team to provide a great work environment, no other roofing contractor in the area can come close to providing the consistency & quality found at Sundown Exteriors. 


Need a Roof Repair? Call Now to Get It Fixed! 


You don’t want to think about your roof any more than you have to. Make one call today when it needs fixed to Zack and the team at Sundown Exteriors and never think about it again. There is no haggling or upselling, we shoot straight and get the job done because we know you just want this inconvenience off your plate. Before calling, check out our testimonials and see if you would like to work with our team. 


Emergency Roof Repair

If you have an active leak or if part of your roof is missing, call our emergency repair number right away. Serious damage can be done to your home if too much time passes before getting the repairs completed. Whether it’s a simple shingle patch or a complete replacement down to the ply boards, we will quickly identify and fix any problem before any other company will even stop by your house. Preserve your home’s long-term value by getting minor problems fixed before they turn into major ones! 


Frequently Asked Roofing Repair Questions & Answers

While some situations require a professional roofer’s expertise, a handy homeowner can often get a good idea of what needs replaced and what can wait. Some of the most common questions we get from homeowners each day can be found below, with our answers to help get you on the right track! 


How do I know when my shingles need replaced?

If your roof is over 20 years old, we can almost ensure you it will need to be replaced. Today’s roofs, especially in Central Illinois’ variable weather temperatures throughout the year, will simply not be effective for longer than two decades.


If your roof is younger than 20 years, you may be able to spot possible problems just by going outside and looking through binoculars on your front lawn! Check for shingles that are curling or that appear weathered. If any are lifted up or cracked, you should call a roofing contractor to take a closer look and see a simple patch is the solution. 


Are there any repairs I can just do myself?

We at Sundown Exteriors do not recommend that any homeowner go up on their roofs. Depending on age, type of shingles, and many other factors, parts may be slippery even on dry days and the pitch of your roof may be too steep to safety navigate without proper safety equipment. While this can be frustrating for the do-it-yourselfers out there, a fall from the roof of even a one story house can lead to serious injury or death.


Why is my roof leaking?

Determining the source of a leak is almost never a simple process. We would recommend taking notes on where the roof is entering your home & attic, if it’s consistent with any specific weather patterns, and how long it has been happening. This will help our team make sure we are inspecting the right parts of your home, roof, & attic to determine the source and get it fixed quickly!


Quality Normal, IL Roof Repair

Few other companies can compete with Sundown Exteriors and the commitment we bring to each roofing repair job. We don’t want our homeowners spending any more money than they have to on their roofs, and often a simple roof repair is a great option! While some situations call for a completely new roof, we try to exhaust all options before going down that road and recommending something you may not truly need. If you have any questions or would like our team to come take a look at your roof, give our office a call or fill out a form to have us stop by!


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Had a new roof and gutter guards on home and garage replaced 2 months ago. Very professional service and presentation. Contract presented along with license and insurance information along with paperwork showing carried workman's comp on employees. All work done within promised time frame. Perfectionism noted on completion of job and cleanup perfect. Employees very respectful and hard workers. Would recommend them and would use them again in the future if needed. Good job, thank you!

- Marie M.


We were very pleased with the overall job of Matt and his crew the day we got our new roof. Great work guys! Zack is a very good salesman and did a good job explaining everything to us. Thanks to all of you!

- Brenda C – Barnes, IL


Great job. What a good-looking roof. Zack and his crew were fine to deal with — courteous, hardworking, attention to detail. We had a leak problem and were scheduled quickly. Zack even came a few days before and did a temporary fix because of a threat of rain. Very competitive price with a good, thorough final clean-up and an inspection with the owner before the final payment is made. Good group to do business with. Thank you!

- Jerry & Helene B.


Excellent work for far less money than other estimates.

- Staci H. – Mason City, IL