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Types of Roofing

Roofing in Bloomington, IL

Sundown Exteriors offers several different types of roofing materials for any and every need.  Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing roof, we can recommend the best material based on style you want, cost, weight, and installation requirements.  For more information on the type of roofing materials we provide as well as a gallery for each:

How to Choose a Residential Roofing Company in Bloomington, IL

When choosing a residential roofing company, it’s important to select an experienced contractor who can install a quality roof that will keep your family and personal belongings safe for a very long time. Be sure to seek out candidates with the proper licensing and a great business reputation in the area. These 9 steps should help:

1. Verify that the roofing contractor you hire has the required business licenses for this area.

If you are unsure of the business licenses required for roofing contractors, contact the licensing board or Department of Professional Regulation for the state of Illinois.

2. Verify that the roofing contractor or business is legitimate by asking for their tax identification number, their business address, business website or email address, and contact phone number.

3. Ask the roofing contractor to provide you with proof of insurance, including worker’s compensation and liability coverage.

Not all areas require roofing contractors to have insurance, but you may want to hire a person with insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits if the contractor is injured while working on your property.

Check with the contractor to verify that the insurance covers the entire time-span during which the roofing project takes place.

4. Ask the roofing contractor for a list of references and past clients you can call to find out if they were satisfied with the work done on their roof.

You can also research the roofing contractor’s reputation by contacting the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Visit the BBB website or call them at.

5. Ask your roofing contractor for proof that shows they have been approved by the roofing manufacturer to install or work on the roof you have chosen.

Some types of roofing may require contractors to have special training, certifications, or licenses to ensure proper installation.

6. Ask the roofing contractor how many people will be working on the roofing project for your home so you can determine how the work will be supervised and how long it will take to complete.

7. Read the warranty information for your project in full and check for understanding with the roofing contractor regarding any actions or exceptions that may possibly void the warranty.

8. Obtain a contract or detailed proposal in writing from the roofing contractor that will provide explicit information regarding the project.

Information to ask for should include the length of the project, daily start and end times, roofing materials to be used, safety procedures, the amount of payment and payment schedule, and clean up methods.

9. Check out the roofing contractor’s services, fees and warranties thoroughly, and don’t pay anyone the entire amount of the project up front.

Do not hire roofing contractors based solely on the lowest pricing bids, because they may not provide the same value as contractors with slightly higher pricing.